Forthcoming Honda WR-V 2017 in India will get these fascinating features !

The renowned auto maker Honda is going to launch its compact SUV the WR-V in the Indian market soon. The Honda WR-V compact SUV will be launched in mid-March. The SUV is built on the platform of the Jazz and the City.

It will get the same 1.2 liter petrol engine and 1.5 liter diesel engine as the Jazz. The petrol version will get standard 5-speed manual gearbox as well as CVT automatic transmission as an option. While, the diesel version will come equipped with only 6-speed manual gearbox. The cabin of the SUV is similar to the Jazz.

There are 5 interesting facts about the Honda WR-V, which will make it special and different:

1 Sunroof in top variants

Honda-WR-V Yop variants will come along with a stylish sun-roof

It is based on the Honda Jazz, though it is similar to the City sedan to some extent. Like the City sedan, its top variants can get the sunroof.

2 Infotainment System:

New Honda WR-V will get a new digital infotainment system

The Honda WR-V will get the same 7-inch Digipad touchscreen infotainment system as the City sedan. You will get the facility of Bluetooth audio streaming, telephone function, SD card navigation system and audio – visual. In addition to an HDMI port and USB connectivity feature, it will have Wi-Fi and MirrorLink support. However, it will not get a CD drive or AUX port.       

3 Cruise Control:

Cruise Control feature will also be accompanied with upcoming Honda-WRV 2017

The Honda WR-V will also get cruise control. Cruise control is a good feature and for this, you need open roads and systematic city traffic. In India, cruise control is not helpful in city driving, nevertheless it is an excellent function for those who ride on the highway. Moreover, the SUV is also expected to get push button engine start / stop feature and magic seats in the cabin.

4 Higher Ground Clearance:

Ground Clearence of soon to be launched Honda WR-V will have 200mm ground clearence

The major complaint of the Honda cars is its weak ground clearance. But, the WR-V is expected to get a ground clearance of 200 mm. The Ford EcoSport comes with the same ground clearance. And because of 200 mm of ground clearance, the Honda WR-V will easily overcome the rough patches.

5 Greater Dimension Than the Jazz:

New WRV 2017 will have an increased wheelbase of 2555mm

In terms of dimension, the Honda WR-V is bigger than the Jazz. The Jazz comes with a wheelbase of 2,530 mm, while the Honda WR-V will come with a wheelbase of 2,555 mm. At the same time in terms of height and width it is also greater as it measures 1730 mm in width and and 1600 mm in height. The Brazil-spec of the WR-V measure 4-meter in length and in India it can be also four meters in length.