What is SHVS technology? How Ciaz & Ertiga Hybrid works!

How SHVS works in Ciaz /Ertiga Maruti Suzuki Cars

The largest automobile manufacturing company Maruti-Suzuki India had introduced the Smart Hybrid Vehicle version (SHVS technology) of Ciaz in Sep 2015. Soon, the popularity of the technology got a momentum due to their highly fuel efficient stats.

The good customer response encouraged the company to launch the diesel hybrid version of its popular 7-seater crossover Ertiga in the same year.

Why companies launching SHVS Technology cars?

There are two main reasons! A Government subsidy and increased customer satifaction.

The hybrid and electrical cars enjoy a government rebate under Faster Adoption and Manufacturing of Electric vehicles (FAME) initiative.

In this regard Tata Motors is also working towards its 325 cc  Tata Nano Pixel small car based on hybrid system which is said to deliver 100 kmpl mileage.

As far customer satisfaction is concerned, the cars like Ciaz that use this technology deliver a phenomenal 28.09 kmpl mileage. The 7 seater Ertiga SUV even manages to deliver 24.52 kmpl by using Suzuki’s SHVS technology.

Smart Hybrid Technology Working

(Above: animation video of SHVS hybrid technology)

The hybrid technology that has been newly developed by Suzuki , the Maruti’s Japanese counterpart , uses an integrated starter generator (ISG) along with an advanced capacity battery.

The term SHVS stands for Smart Hybrid Vehicle by Suzuki.

The application of this technology in cars enables to deliver higher mileage than the traditional engine cars.

This is because , when your car stands at a Red Light or in a traffic jam the hybrid technology  hibernates the engine until you do not press the accelerator (Idle Start/Stop) and this fuel to a great extent.

While on a stand still , the car , other components use the battery power that the car is fitted with.

SHVS technology vs Full Hybrid

In SHVS technology , the vehicles electric motor only complements the engine is certain driving situations , by reducing the load on the engine.

This in-turn , lowers the fuel consumption and emissions.The start-stop feature of Micro Hybrid vehicles is also a part of SHVS.It is to notice that as full hybrid system can outperform shvs cars over fuel and emissions reduction.

Full Hybrid on the other hand are vehicles that can have propulsion from only the engine either electric motor or from a combination of both.Full Hybrid car batteries are charged via a plug-in socket or via the engine or by both.