Hyundai Eon

The latest new member to join the Hyundai family is the cute Eon. A stunning looking low budget car that is just going to sweep you off your feet with its killer looks. One can arguably say that it is the best looking car in its price range. Hyundai has brought the Eon in direct competition with the very well-known and fast selling Maruti Suzuki Alto. There is much more to this new cute car Hyundai Eon than its beautifully sculpted looks. So let’s read on the Hyundai Eon review to know more about this hatchback.

Engine and Technical specifications

Powered by a 3 cylinder in-line 814 cc SOHC petrol engine, the Hyundai Eon develops 55 bhp power at 5500 rpm and 7.6 kgm torque at 4000 rpm. Standing in direct competition to the Alto, Eon also has lots to offer whereas its tech specs are concerned. Eon has got a 5 speed manual gearbox. The front suspension in this hatchback is the Mac Pherson strut with coil spring and anti-roll bar and the rear one is the torsion beam axle with coil spring. The front brakes are disc type and the rear drums. With a wheelbase of 2380mm Eon gives a ground clearance of 170 mm. The tank of this hatchback is 32 litres capacitated. The tyre size of the base variant is 145/80/-R12 and in the higher variants its 155/70-R13. The dimensions of the car are 3495mm length, 1550mm width and 1500mm height. The total weight of the car varies between 715 to 795 kg depending on the variant.

Exterior design

The dimensions of the Hyundai Eon match quite a lot to the Maruti Suzuki Alto but when it comes to the design and styling of Eon, it just steals the show away! It has set a new benchmark in its price range with such an attractive design. The brilliant creases and edgy cuts on the exterior body of the Eon add greatly to its looks. The grille is hexagonal and the headlamps have a swept back kind of a design. The bumper is bold and has integrated space for fog lamps that beautifully blend into the angular design. The windscreen is large, giving Eon a classy bold look. The paint quality of the Eon is very good too and the quality of the built of Eon is fairly impressive too. The rear wheel arches are beautifully sculpted adding elegance to the exterior look.


The wide opening door let a sneak peek into the beautiful cabin of the Hyundai Eon. Just like the attractive exterior the interior is also done up beautifully by Hyundai. The basic hexagonal design of the car is carried forward inside the cabin too. The dashboard is based on the similar concept. The higher variants of the Eon have CD player and AUX and USB connectivity too in the dash which is very impressive. The speedometer and the engine and fuel temperature indicators are bold and good looking. The screen of the instrument cluster displays the shift points wherein best fuel economy can be achieved. Now this is a very interesting feature, greatly suited for the small cities where fuel economy holds the highest importance. The seats are designed in a manner to provide decent comfort. The built-in headrests are good for averagely heighted people whereas the tall ones will find a problem there. In fact, the tall people will find a problem being seated in the Eon as they can find the cabin space small and likewise for the headroom. The seat could also be made bigger and the knee room is also compromised on. The boot space is large enough for fitting a large size suitcase and other luggage could be stored by folding the seats, which is a very convenient option. The loading base is higher and narrower not giving apt convenience to the person loading the luggage.


With an 814cc 1.1 litre petrol engine you definitely can’t expect a thrilling drive that will give you an adrenaline rush. The drive quality of the Eon is decent keeping in mind its tech specs. Vibrations felt inside the cabin are minimal but the power output at low speeds will appear inconsistent and jerky too. The car is good enough for a city drive but racing through the roads and over taking the big vehicles is something you can’t do with Eon. The suspensions put up with a good job and you will feel the stability in the car while driving it. The ARAI tested Hyundai claimed fuel economy by Eon is a good 21 kmpl!


  • Beautiful design
  • Lovely interiors
  • Great fuel economy
  • Affordable price


  • Jerky power delivery
  • Low knee room in the cabin
  • Best for city drive only


At the first sight of Hyundai Eon, the attractive design will win your heart away. This hatchback is pretty good for the city drive and with a great fuel economy it has got everything to give other cars in its segment a run for their money.