Toyota Verso

The Toyota Verso is supposed to be a versatile MPV with superior dynamics and sporty looks. The comfort part of this car is paid attention giving it a lounge type look. This definitely means convenience is one thing Toyota has taken care of.

Lounge Concept

As mentioned earlier, this MPV follows the lounge concept. This would mean that the second row has extremely comfortable longer seats which have more padded and cushioned back. The seats in all the rows are easy to fold and the base is flat giving more legroom than usual. The best part of the cabin is the under floor storage area. This is very useful if you are traveling with valuables. Unlike other MPVs there is huge scope for storage of luggage.

Seating Arrangement

The build of the car is of good quality. This MPV looks compact and elite keeping in mind its versatile seating arrangement and neat packaging of useful features. There is nothing insensible to the design of the car and is supported with useful reasoning. One of the great things of the car also include that when little mischievous children travel inside this car they have less detailed things to damage or cause harm to. The driver’s sitting position might be thought of as lower to the usual MPVs in the market.The steering wheel however gives the driver a commanding feel. The electric power steering has a system installed in it that lowers the pressure not making the drive too forceful and reduces power assistance.

Engine / Top Speed

Verso is powered by a 1798 cc four cylinder petrol engine with six speed manual transmission. The maximum power generated by Verso is 145 Bhp at 6400 rpm. The maximum torque produced by this car is 133lb ft at 4000 rpm. The top speed of this MPV is 118 miles per hour. The acceleration picked up by it from 0-62 miles per hour is in 10.4 seconds flat. The urban fuel economy given out by it is 31.0 mpg. The CO2 emissions given out come to 165 g/km.

Fuel Economy / Suspension / Safety

Another engine option given by Toyota in Verso is the 2.0 liter turbo diesel engine. This engine is believed to have a fuel economy of 39.8 mpg with CO2 emissions of 143 g/km. The drive in this car cannot be specifically called as sporty but the features and controls can be put to good use. The solidity of Verso cannot be doubted too. The suspension works well as it takes up the unfavorable road surfaces’ shocks without giving any to the cabin. The biggest USP of Verso is its safety features which hold great importance for any buyer. Curtain airbags have been provided in the car for even the person sitting in the rearmost seat.

Buy Toyota Verso ?

Verso in terms of reliability is a safe bet by Toyota. The running costs too are low and the safety features remarkable, making the owner feel proud to own such an MPV.