What is a Hybrid Car and its difference from plugin-hybrid

Electric Cars and Hybrid Cars are now being perceived as the future of automobiles across the world.

Unlike all electric vehicle’s , the hybrid version cars can be run with both petrol (gas) or a battery.A lot of research is going on these days in the field of hybrid technology.And more importantly we don’t have just the ‘concept models’ but they are in-fact getting produced in mass markets.

In US markets , hybrid cars have gained much momentum and in Asian countries like India they are showing much potential to succeed.

What is Hybrid Technology ?

Hybrid Technology in Cars

Hybrid Technology cars employ this complex technology that is cost-effective and environment friendly.

Hybrid Cars can be operated on petrol or battery according to journey requirements.

If you are cruising on a low speed in city traffic , this kind of car , will used the installed battery power to save fuel.In contrast to that , if you on a highway with a high speed , the car , shifts to petrol mode gain gain more performance.In a hybrid vehicle electric motor uses regenerative braking to capture energy and store it in the on board batteries.This stored energy is then used to provide power to the electric motor.

The cars enabled with a hybrid technology are fitted with an electric motor.They also tend to be more expensive because of the use of modern technologies.So , a hybrid car has an electric motor as well as an internal combustion engine.There is also another form of hybrid technology called mild hybrid where electric motor only complements the engine is certain driving situations , by reducing the load on the engine.Suzuki uses this kind of technology which is calls – SHVS technology and and is used in India.

In a hybrid car the main source of power is the engine i.e. Internal Combustion Engine.

What are Plug-in hybrid Cars ?

What is a plugin hybrid car !

Plugin hybrid cars are also hybrid cars but they have a striking difference.A plugin-hybrid car uses an adapter to charge its battery from external power source.This is additional to its charging via on-board engine and generator that a plug-in-hybrid car has.

The electric motor which is powered by the battery is the main source of power in plugin hybrid cars.